svedomsky orgyIL CIRCOLO DEI BACCANALI (The Circle Of Bacchanalia): Bacchanalia is a Ancient Roman feast with propitiatory aim. The name has Roman origin and derives by rituals dedicated to Bacchus. Its origin is older, probably dating back to Ancient Greece. Already in Roman times, but probably even before, it was an orgiastic feast. On later time it became (or perhaps returning to the origins) propitiatory to gods for sowing and harvesting of crops.

The cult of Bacchus in Rome has spread around the second century BC. it was a mystery and reserved for initiates only (originally only women, the Bacchae) with mystical purposes. Soon the followers of the cult of Bacchus were in conflict with the official religion of Rome as a result of their refusal to recognize the values of this cult. On 186 BC the Senate gave a consultum, known as Senatus consultum de Bacchanalibus, in order to dissolve the cult with destruction of the temples, confiscation of assets, imprisonment and persecution of the followers of this cult.

In the following age the Bacchanalia survived as propitiatory feast, but without the mystery component. The Circle of the Bacchanalia is an extrapolation of this. It wants to be a place, a time, a state of mind in which people meet, talk, think, drink wine and try to deal with people... mixing thoughts and dreams. The Circle of Bacchanalia has variable borders: sometimes they don’t go further than your own skin but someothers they can involve the whole society.

The songs come out from all of these feelings