"Alessio Franchini and The Circle of Bacchanalia" is the project of original music by Alessio Franchini.

This project comes from the need to give free expression to the musical composition and finally find a direction, after many years of very different experiences. What comes out is an unusual form of songwriting: ACOUSTIC ALTERNATIVE ROCK in Italian language, inspired from everything that happens, both from a more intimate and personal point of view and also in a wilder more social sense. The sound is essential: acoustic guitar and vocals, bass and drums. The use of open tunings on guitar guide to sperimentation with new sounds for the songs

It’s 2010 when the essential structures (guitar and vocals) came out first. But the project idea is a band. In the meantime, however, it becomes necessary to fix these first steps. The result is a 6 tracks CD (3 original and 3 covers) entitled "Alcune delle cose che ho da dire – like Some of the things I have to say". What is the direction of the sound and you can tell right away and especially from the first piece "Reflect", a complaint rampant social apathy and an invitation to not to let things subendole but to try to confrontarcisi.The other 2 unreleased "Remembering you" and "Window of Marble" songs are more personal. Many pieces are still guitar and vocals but already with ideas for the band. In fact it is always 2010 when you define the band: Alessio Macchia on bass and Andrea Spinetti on drums.

Work continues on the composition and expands in the arrangements of the songs: they sounds now completely with the sound Alessio always had into his mind.

The beginning of 2011 is marked by frequent live performances, overcoming the initial selections of Sanremo Giovani with the song "Ricordarmi di voi" and the attention of Barley Arts to Alessio Franchini e il Circolo dei Baccanali as opening band of the entire 2011 tour of Marta Sui Tubi, a very well know alternative Italian band. Spring and summer time is dedicated to the recording of the first official video from both live and studio sessions. Riflettere had been the choosen song. The final version came out on November 2011.

2012 starts with a lot of live sets outside Tuscany. Alessio works on new songs and new collaborations. But above all, 2012 is the year of the group's first tour outside Italy. In the first week of April, Alessio Franchini, Alessio Macchia and Andrea Spinetti flew in USA for "THE MANHATTAN CLUBS - New York City Tour", for 5 gigs in few clubs in Manhattan. The gigs in US recive very positive feedbacks and many contacts.

2013 opens with a concert at the opening of Marta sui Tubi and is certainly marked by the strengthening of the interest on the part of some agencies for managing Alessio Franchini’s project to record his first CD.


It’s the side project of Alessio Franchini. Started in 1997 with the name “Sin-é”, is marked by various alternative shows all around Italy and some television appearances. The project stops for few years since 2002. On 2007 Alessio decided to restart his Jeff Buckley Tribute project till have many important events: The French Jeff Buckley Tribute on 2008, 'Hard Rock Café, PARIS; The OFFICIAL JEFF BUCKLEY TRIBUTE, Knitting Factory NEW YORK CITY, on 2011 and a lot of duo gigs with Gary Lucas, the Jeff Buckley co-writer of Grace and Mojo Pin and other very beautiful songs.

The highest vent arrives on September 2012: The Music of Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas. The concert is performed at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, the European temple of rock, where performed the most important bands of modern music. On stage with Alessio Franchini play Gary Lucas, on guitar, The Holland Metropole Orchestra, the wildest jazz-pop orchestra in the world (60 musicians).

All under the direction of Steve Sidwell, who directed the recent opening act of the Olympic Games in London. In 2013 Alessio is able to involve also the guy by Il Circolo dei Baccanali into this project. For "Jeff Buckley: Graceland", in Mestre, they perfrmed a show with Gary and Alessio after the European premiere screening of Jeff Buckley biopic "Greetings from Tim Buckley", a very succesfull night.