afAlessio arrives to create his project Alessio Franchini e il Circolo dei Baccanali, after numerous and various previous projects. After the beginning punk band, he started at age 17 his first real project called "Sin-é": a tribute to Jeff Buckley. Just him-self, alone: voice and guitar. Even if at that time was not so easy to play Jeff Buckley’s music (not known as it is now), Alessio collected lot of concerts throughout Italy and some television appearances. The first songwriting experience arrived soon with a new band. This gave Alessio the possibility to go for a new experience: write lyrics in Italian language. Now the suond is purely rock. In 2000, Alessio is called by a quite well known Italian alternative band named Cyber Circus. The band major influences are grunge and electronic.

The role in this group for Alessio is a vocal and rithm guitar. With Cyber Circus arrived his first successes with original songs, having concerts in important venues in Italy. With the same musicians, came out a side project called "A Perfect Garden", a tribute to Soundgarden. They immediately became the official Italian tribute band: they had lot of gigs in the major Italian clubs, including Rolling Stone in Milan, the most important one. Now the sound is grunge. In the following years, Alessio extends his music experiences to new genres. Alessio enters in new theater company, named Todo Modo Music All, as lead vocal.

Now Alessio discovers the world of '70s rock musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy, Hair ...). the performances never arrived far outside from Livorno, but lets Alessio live a lot of shows with a real huge crowd. So now the sound is mixed also with musicals. In this period, the songwriting is stopped. The live activity, however, is quivering. Alessio starts again a new project: an acoustic duo with Andy Paul, one of the best guitarists of Tuscany. In this project Alessio explores the world of blues, from the most ancestral (Robert Johnson) to more recent ones (Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa). This collaboration arrive to a new original show created, produced and arranged by Alessio and Andy. The show is "The Blues Evolution", the story of how the blues was born and how it influenced the best known artists of modern music, over the years. Now the sound is blues. 2007 is a very important year for Alessio, personally and musically.

Many changes arrive and the time comes to choose between all these streets and experience what is really important. May 27, is the first step: Alessio takes part in the organization in his city of a tribute to Jeff Buckley, a return to origins. This concert will be decisive. And 'in fact this evening that the escalation of events that will lead Alessio to play Buckley in Rome, Paris, Rimini, New York and Amsterdam and to collaborate with artists of the first order: all the Holland Metropole Orchestra (the biggest jazz orchestra of the world - 60 elements) and Mr. Gary Lucas, one of the greatest living American guitarist and co-author of the best-known songs and appreciated Jeff Buckley (Grace and Mojo Pin). But above all it is in 2007 that it becomes clear which direction to take: it's time to return to work on original music. Here comes the project Alessio Franchini e il Circolo dei Baccanali.