amStarts up playing bass guitar in ’94, with few private jazz and blues trials and lessons. He plays with some local bands in Livorno, but the first important experience comes in with the project named Cora. Simone Lenzi, a schoolfriend and great talent guitar, togheter to Alessio Franceschi on the drum and Moreno Nencini as singer. Cora walk trough a musical wave crossover-metal like with the first songs: although powerful and charge from Simone Lenzi and Alessio Franceschi, from ’95 to ’98 only few live gigs appears and the band doesn’t reach the main aim to playing live more and more. Subsequent, some different musical ideas born and in the months later becomes always more difficult to resolve.

Cora rests on the scene of performing band of local underground music and Alessio decides to leave the band. In early ’00 Alessio starts playing bass guitar with Ruskin Arms with Alessio Franchini, Jacopo Goracci and Nicola Marchi. With Alessio Franchini born an important period of his bassman life: a strong and original way of musical plan begin to form from ’00 until nowadays. Many live gigs and positive critical point of wiev for their sound and the lyrics of Alessio Franchini, one of most popular singer-writer in their city. Nicola Marchi and Jacopo Goracci have new project for their life and the project with the others soon fall down.

Alessio Macchia and Alessio Franchini rest togheter to work for another important project of alternative and acoustic italian rock: Alessio Franchini e il Circolo dei Baccanali. From ’09 Alessio Macchia finds his full expressions of style, rythms and string power.